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Product Care

Here are some top tips to keep your CC jewellery looking sparkly and fabulous for years!

  • Jewellery is the last thing you should put on and the first thing you should take off.

  • Never sleep while wearing your jewellery. Let it have a rest too.

  • Avoid all sprays, cosmetics, creams and chemicals such as household cleaning products while wearing your jewellery.

  • Always apply perfumes and lotions at least 20 minutes before putting on jewellery.

  • Remove rings before applying anti bacterial gel.

  • Avoid sweat! Do not exercise with your jewellery as your sweat and natural oils will diminish that gorgeous shine!

  • Never swim, bath or shower while wearing jewellery.

  • Please store your jewellery in the bag provided to prevent scratches and tarnishing.

  • We recommend frequently using a soft jewellery polishing cloth to maximise shine and sparkle and avoid any tarnishing build up.

  • When bracelets are being placed on or off wrist, please take care by rolling them gently over the hand rather than stretching the elastic.

  • If over time the string on your jewellery stretches, we can re-string for a small charge.

We hope you enjoy and love your jewellery as much as we do :)

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